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My Why for Enida


My Why for Enida

Nadine Eich

Several people in the last months have approached me to ask me why I do what I do. I told them to guess. They all guessed wrong. Numerous, creative theories came up. From “You just want to be the boss” or “You just want to live your four hour week!” over to “You are tired of customer support and let others do it for you now”. I have heard it all.

Over the last year I have come to known the “Golden circle” with its Why question by Simon Sinek. He proposes that successful companies know what they do, how they do it and why they do it. And the why separates them from other companies who are not as successful. However, if you don’t know Simon Sinek or his TED Talk “Start with why”, you should go check it out. Please.

I guess it is relatively clear what Enida does and how we do it. Stellar customer support across all e-commerce platforms – this is what we do. We do it with personality, with the focus on generating product reviews and with authenticity. Now: What about the why?

I want to create an agency that covers these four whys:

  • to revolutionise German customer support
  • to work location independent
  • to work time independent (instead getting paid by the hour, getting paid by task)
  • to be safe in our work environment

These are the four pain points I experienced when I first started out. German customer support has no heart and no soul – with Enida it does. I was never able to work from wherever I wanted to and whenever I got better and faster at my job – I was paid less. Therefore, our people get paid by working on requests/tasks. We do not track time and can get better and faster to save our own personal time – and get paid the same. And lastly, I wanted to finally be safe at work.

By safe I mean that I am not bullied or insulted by someone who seems to have more authority than me. Unfortunately, this happened to me pretty often and it scarred me. Now, my people know what to do in case they are having a bad feeling at work. They come to me and I will solve it. If someone is insulted in this virtual environment, I will not say “Ah, I know it sucks but you gotta deal with it” (like I was told so often before). No, I will turn into the mother-tiger I am supposed to be and will reply “I will take care of it”. And my people know I mean it. I will not blame them for losing a client.

At Enida, the clients and the people working here are on the same eye level. If someone behaves badly, they will be asked to cut it out. If it happens again, they will be asked to leave. At Enida we do not allow bad “vibes”. To you it might sound esoteric but to me it is a matter of how I want my people to experience Enida. It is a place where you can be free because a) you work from home or wherever you want to be, b) you can choose when you want to get up in the morning and c) you get paid on time and know whatever happens: I will have their back.

Investors have asked me whether I ever want to employ people at Enida. My answer: No, I want everyone to be free to leave. Because when you are free to go, there is no pressure of leaving. All our clients also have a one month contract for the same reason. You can go.

But why would you? What other agency will give you a fun team, a safe environment, money on time and work laid on the table without you even going hunting for clients? And also: When you cannot do the job alone, there is a team you can rely on.


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