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For your carefree Amazon Business


Do you want to expand your Online Business to the fastest growing Marketplaces in Europe? Do you need top notch German Customer Support to bring your business forward? Enida has got you covered!


199€ Set Up

Unique Enida Set-Up - To be able to take care of your shop, we establish a consistent customer communication. Read on below.


100€ monthly fee

We check your Amazon Seller Central daily. Every additional marketplace (e.g. All European Amazon marketplaces, eBay, webshop) will be billed separately at a rate of 50€.


From 1,90€ per action

All processed actions will be billed at the end of the month. Check details on all action types below. Action prices vary with contract terms.



What we do



Instead of billing by the hour, we bill by actions. This way it is more transparent and you can evaluate how many actions were processed. Actions include the following:

  • Answering messages in Amazon Seller Central (“No response needed” messages are also counted as actions / Weekend template)

  • Sending out emails (on request)

  • Sending out replacement shipments

  • Creating (one) product selections (for promotional codes)

  • Creating one promotion

  • Creating (e.g. 10) promotional codes

  • Answering customer questions on product listing

  • Answering 1-3 stars product reviews

  • Reporting negative seller feedback that violates the Amazon guidelines

  • Answering negative seller feedback that violates the Amazon guidelines

  • Answering customer questions about the product

  • E-mails from seller to Enida

  • Weekly Highlight Report (Customer’s wishes, updates about replacement shipments or promotion codes)


Response time


  • All buyer messages will be answered within 24 hours

  • On weekends and holidays the weekend templates are sent within 24 hours. The received messages will be processed the next business day


Enida Set Up Details


Our initial Enida Set Up lays the foundation for taking optimal care of your Online Business. We incorporate our experience of daily customer service into your customer communication.

The Enida Set Up contains the following:

  • Activation of Two-Way-Authentication will be enabled for the assigned Enida

  • Determining the customer’s voice

  • Revision of After Sales Sequence (optional)

  • Internal Enida system set up

We will send you our hourly rates in our contract of services. We need 4 weeks to get our system ready for your shop.

To work on all customer support related messages, we need a limited Amazon Seller Central access for and your personal Enida.


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