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English FAQ

What you should know about us


1 – Which expenses can I expect?

If you decide to outsource your German customer support for your German Amazon marketplace, a monthly fee of 100 Euro will be charged. Each further marketplace (e. g. PAN EU) will be billed with additional 50 Euro.

We are going to take care of all Amazon marketplaces and your eBay customer communication as well:
Amazon DE: 100 Euro
Amazon PAN EU: 50 Euro
ebay: 50 Euro

In total: 200 Euro monthly basic fee In addition, each action will be charged individually. Find out which tasks count as action:

We charge a monthly fee so we can replace the assitant during sickness/holiday. Also no further costs will apply if another assistant takes over.

At the beginning of our cooperation there will be a one-time charge of 199 Euros (plus tax, if applicable). This includes our Enida Set Up. More information here: „What is included in the Enida Set Up?" down below. All prices are excluding tax (19 % German tax will be added if applicable).

2 – For which time period do I have to commit to your service? (contract duration)

The shortest duration of our contract is 3 months. Within the first 4 weeks of the contract you can cancel the cooperation without naming any reasons to the end of the first month.

Prices per action vary between 2.30 Euro (3 months contract), 2.10 Euro (6 months contract) and 1.90 Euro (12 months contract).

3 - What is included in the Enida Set Up?

The cost for the Enida Set Up will be charged before starting our cooperation (199 Euro plus tax, if applicable).

The Enida Set Up includes the setup of all information in our project management system, all communication beforehand (e.g. clarifying all of your questions), the training of your personal Enida and as main element, the creation of your customer support templates.

For creating your customer support templates, we are taking a closer look at your target group and prepare suitable templates based on our best-practice-examples.

We are happy to create any additional templates for you. This will be charged at our hourly price of copywriting (see quote or contract).

4 – Do you reply customer questions in the national language within the EU marketplaces?

We handle all customer communication within the EU marketplaces (UK, ES, IT, FR) in English. Translations of our answers are not included. Why? Because to many too many cooks (translators) spoil the broth!

5 – How do you handle bad product reviews (1 to 3)?

Non-verified product reviews: We reply to them (1 action), report an abuse (1 action) and inform Amazon about it, in case a competitor possibly wrote the negative reviews (1 action). In total 3 actions will be charged.
Important to note: We cannot guarantee that Amazon will delete the negative product review, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn´t.

Verified product reviews: We answer those (1 action). In case you are using the monitoring tool "Marketplace Analytics", we can try to find out the order number (1 action) and send a direct message to the customer (1 action). In total 3 actions will be charged. If you wish, we will reach out to the customer one week after solving their problem and ask that they will alter their review or leave one (1 action).

Best case, which we are aiming for: The customer will adjust the rating and review, after we solved the issue.

6 – How is your experience with asking the customer for a review after his/her order? How successful is this approach?

The success rate always depends on the different customer (target) groups. Germany is furthermore a pretty difficult terrain in terms of ratings and reviews. However, most of our Amazon sellers use our service to encourage their customers to leave product reviews – and it works! So far, none of our sellers had any legal issues due to this procedure (not that we know of).

7 – Do you also do product listing optimizations/translations?

No, we don´t, but we have some recommendations for you! Please have a look at our partner section here.

8 – What do you mean by positive seller feedback follow up?

When customers leave a seller feedback, we reach out to them through the Amazon Seller Central and ask them for a product review. 1 action will be charged per message/follow up.

9 – Do you charge „No response needed“ messages?

We charge every message, as answering some messages is more time consuming than others. In the course of time this is evened out. That´s how our price system stays alive!

10 – How do I find out about my customers' demands?

Every Monday you´ll receive a highlight report, which will inform you about any important facts. This also includes any customer demands, replacements, etc.

11 – What is a „weekend-email“?

During the weekends all incoming messages will be answered with a weekend-email manually. Amazon doesn´t allow any automatic mails to customers. All customer emails/questions will then be answered on Monday.

12 – What if a customer has any specific question concerning on of my products?

In case the information you handed out to us won´t include the answer, your personal Enida will reach out to you (1 action). Your reply will be saved in our project management system, so we won´t have to get back to you again on the same matter.

13 – Can I answer invoice request or „no response needed“ messages myself?

The easy answer: Yes, sure, it is your business! But the fair answer would be: Our price system is based on the idea that more time-consuming tasks and less-time-consuming tasks evened out and a fair hourly rate is the result. It would be amazing if you resign all customer messages to us so your personal Enida will stay happy :)

14 – Can I also book your service for taking care of my reviews only (seller feedback / product reviews)?

Sure! We take care of answering your positive seller feedback, negative seller feedback (if applicable: request deletion) and negative product reviews. All without meeting the 24h time frame.

In case the negative product reviews are based on a non-verified purchase, we can also request a deletion through Amazon (more information: “How do you handle bad product reviews (1 to 3*)?”).

Each reply to feedback/review is counted as 1 action (find out more about actions:

The monthly basic fee here is 50 Euro with a minimum contract duration of 3 months (please see also: “For which time period do I have to commit to your service?”).

15 – Is it possible to convert positive seller feedback into a product review?

Under certain conditions, it is! As Amazon FBA seller you can reach out to Amazon and ask for a contact person (which can take several weeks until Amazon will assign someone). As soon as you´ve gotten your contact person, it is can be possible to convert seller feedback into a product review. Please be so kind and get in touch with Amazon directly here, it may take a while, but it is a free service of Amazon.

16 – Do I need to provide an invoice to German customers?

German customers usually request an invoice for their purchase - mainly because otherwise they cannot do write-offs (tax). As a foreign seller, you are not obligated to issue an invoice if your inventory is stored OUTSIDE of Germany. In any case, if you are not able to provide an invoice, the customer needs to be informed about this. Depending on the product, this could be a valid reason for them to return it to Amazon though. To prevent a return, you should either ask your accountant whether it is possible for to provide us with an invoice (once it is requested) or use a service to generate all invoices in advance. Either you choose a) the automated invoice service by Amazon. (This way your customer will find the invoice in his order details) OR b) you sign up with a separate invoice service (e. g. In this case, we can create an invoice email, and Amainvoice sends out the invoice to the customer automatically.

From our own experience, German customers ask for an invoice a couple of times a week or even daily (depending on the product you are selling). To avoid bad seller feedback (or even a product review!), this is an important point to figure out before selling on Amazon in Germany.

17 – I want to work with you! What are the next steps?

We´ve got a well-structured process which we follow so we are 100% ready to take over your customer support:

After our first talk, we´ll send you a short record with all information we´ve talked about.

  • Ready? No questions? Awesome! Please fill in and sign our contract
  • Right after we´ve received the signed contract, we´ll send you the invoice for the Enida Set Up and ask you for payment
  • Now, relax! Meanwhile we create your customer support templates and get back to you within approx. 1.5 weeks
  • You grant us access to your Amazon Seller Central and set the permission to superuser. This way we can invite your personal Enida and take care of all permissions we need. Afterwards we´ll remove the superuser status again
  • We´ll save any other passwords in our password system – please send us the log-in data (name & password) in separate emails, which we will delete afterwards. Your Enida won´t be able to see the passwords, she only can use them through her webbrowser.
  • We´ll introduce your Enida and our cooperation can start!

Depending on the communication, etc. the start will be 3-4 weeks after contract signature. If you´re answering our emails really quick and also send us a payment document for the Enida Set Up, we can get there faster :)