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Enida - Giving you a hand

Our freelancers have all sorts of different skills that we would love to share with you. Drop us a message to see whether we have the perfect assistant for you!

Enida - Giving you a hand

When it comes to Amazon FBA customer service, we’ve got you covered! From replying to customer messages (within 24 hours, 365 days a year) to handling negative reviews – we are it. Click here to find out more about what we do & how we can help your business thrive.

That said, what if you are looking for a helping hand for tasks beyond Amazon FBA customer support? Instead of lingering around upwork, fiverr, or all sorts of online platforms, we would like to introduce you to a pool of reliable and qualified freelancers that we are working with/have worked with in the past. We want to empower you as well as our dear freelancers to prosper and bring you one step closer to a worry-free life. Therefore, we are happy go put you in touch with our people.

If you decide to work with one of our recommendations, we will bill you 35€ (one-time payment), before stepping out of the loop. Then you and our freelancer are on your own. Please note that hourly rate vary depending on the task. However, the rate is usually at $/€25 and higher. If we don't find anyone for you, then there will be no charge at all.

Have a look at the form below to see what information we will need to start looking for someone suitable!

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