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Nice that you have found your way here.

All general information about our service are waiting for you here.
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Why do I have to apply to work with you?

Pretty simple: We are a small team of freelancers (take a look at us here) and high quality, quick communication and the possibility to make fast adjustments within the process are of great importance to us. You know it, I know it: Amazon changes processes every five minutes – and we want to be as flexible as possible to be prepared for it. We set a high value on a slow and organic growth, to make sure every customer receives the best service and our Enidas are perfect prepared and organized.

That is the reason, why we want to get to know you first and see if we are a good fit!

We make a great point of mutual sympathy, excellent working conditions, transparency and a long-term cooperation. In fact: We like to cooperate with people who we would also like to spend an evening with.

If you set value on the same things we have mentioned above, please fill in your data below and we'll send you all important information (prices, contract duration, frequently asked questions). As soon as we had a closer look at your application, we'll get back to you and let you know about further steps.

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